Azadi Ki Amrit Kahaniyaan - Stories of The Forces of Nature

A story-series of 7 Forces Of Nature - WOMEN

An initiative by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, powered by Netflix.

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Azadi Ki Amrit Kahaniya features seven women who are at the top of their fields. Every story weaves the tale of how they worked strenuously to get where they are today. In the process, they initiated giant feats for India and paved the way for younger generations to follow. The elements of nature reflect the spirit of the women of India, who in their own right, are the forces of nature.

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We had to figure out how to cover such a vast swathe of accomplishments and talent in a captivating yet efficient way. We had to give importance to stories that might otherwise be overlooked by people, yet were great achievements by themselves. These stories should also have to serve as a source of inspiration for the entire nation.

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With the conversations of equality and women empowerment that take place in the country, the role of women in society is changing for the better. Indian women have already proved themselves capable - they are ambitious, bright and resourceful and their achievements deserve to be highlighted. But when stories of heroes are told, women seem to be under-represented.

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The Idea

Forces of Nature are worshipped across various cultures in India. These elements reflect the true spirit of the women of India, who in their own right, are forces of Nature.

  • Fierce like Agni
  • Resilient like Dharti
  • Resourceful like Vayu
  • Infinite like Ambar
  • Relentless like Samudra
  • Awe Inspiring like Jeevan
  • Precious like Jal

The 7 inspiring stories represent the true strength of these women's achievements. Each story tells the tale of their humble beginnings, hardships, sorrows, their impact on people and achievements that brought their nation pride and glory. The audience will step into the shoes of these incredible women and relive their "Azadi ki Amrit Kahaniyan", one emotion at a time.

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