Dell Futurists by Dell India

Making the most sustainable mural

Dell Futurist is a student program by Dell India, where they invite them to present their ideas on sustainability and art to raise awareness in their unique way and highlight the stark reality of many ecological problems in India.

The program was designed to encourage the generation who don’t just want to see the change but want to be the change. Experts from the field of Art and an eco-consultant came together to create a masterclass for the students who are looking for opportunities to create and collaborate for larger causes. Students from over 4000 colleges across the countries participated.

Five winners were selected to co-create the final, 35-foot installation in Delhi, a city with one of the worst air quality indexes in the world. Drawn with ink made from filtering carbon and other pollutants from the air, it is one of the biggest eco-friendly murals in the country. The message of the mural was shared by many over social media and visited by many from the city.

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