Kecap ABC
How working wives in Indonesia tasted gender equality in the kitchen for the first time. #RealHusbandsCook

With more than 70% of Indonesian women working, they expected the husband to share household responsibilities, especially cooking. Unfortunately, less than 3 in 10 men ever entered the kitchen to cook. As a kitchen brand, Kecap ABC couldn’t remain a silent witness to this inequality. The brand had the influence to correct this imbalance in cooking and its 40-year old heritage gave it the credibility to do so.

Kecap ABC launched a campaign, #RealHusbandsCook, to get Indonesian husbands cooking, and partnering their wives. A launch film featuring a recent divorcee triggered a national debate, and inspired husbands. A response campaign by divorcees turned hate into positivity. The online Real Husbands Cook Academy taught husbands how to cook. A travel web series featuring academy graduates popularised ‘Real Husbands’. Finally, a nationwide activation enabled husbands everywhere to be a part of the change.



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