upGrad Presents Khud Ke Liye

upGrad presents a 3-part anthology series “Khud Ke Liye”

The pandemic saw a boom in e-learning as people started upskilling from home. In order to get more people to up-skill, we needed to give them the right kind of inspiration.

By choosing to tell extraordinary stories of ordinary people, we took upGrad into a new territory- fictional short films. The protagonists in each film are unique and cover a range of demographics and therefore were made relatable to a wider range of audiences. The one common thing they shared with each other was that they all found within themselves the will to learn once again. Hence came the term “Khud Ke Liye.”

The Khud Ke Liye anthology series has the following films: Koshish: An IT professional with a stagnant career comes to the painful realization that progress only comes with change.

Sahas: An LLB graduate turned TikToker tries to take on a big corporation by himself in his first case ever and finds his calling in IP law.

Pehchaan: A housewife who sacrificed everything for her family finds the need to finish what she once started - higher education.

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  • upGrad present’s a 3-part anthology series “Khud Ke Liye”