In celebration of its one-year anniversary, VMLY&R will close all 82 offices across the globe on Thursday, Sept. 26, to give more than 6,500 employees the opportunity to support their local communities through volunteer projects. In celebration of 2019 Foundation Day, VMLY&R Mongolia is joined with #Hi5Anir challenge. 

This year’s theme for VMLY&R’s Worldwide Foundation Day is “Connecting Hearts, We Are One,” which highlights the collective impact of all employees rolling up their sleeves to give back in meaningful ways over the same 24-hour period. VMLY&R Mongolian team supported Anir, 2018 Mental Arithmetic International competition grand prize winner, who is defending her title this year. 

Anir wants to participate in the 2019 Mental Arithmetic International competition again, so our team created a digital campaign under the name Hi5Anir. The campaign started from the VMLY&R Mongolia.