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As one of the worlds’ most well-known brands, Coca-Cola wants to share its brand truth to the public. There was a lot of misconception about coke in Mongolia, so they wanted to change public perception of the brand. MCS Coca-Cola and VMLY&R Mongolia collaborated on the public education campaign for 3 months.

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There was a public misconception about coke, such as leads to obesity, addictive, explodes with Mentos etc.   

The objective of this campaign was an inform & create awareness among the public of Coca-Cola brand truths, supply them with correct & positive information and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Coke bottle. We wanted to come up with three types of messages for this campaign, these are ingredients of the coke, interesting facts about the coke, and the Coca-Cola brand heritage. We made a series of print ads, explainer videos about the coke.

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