Time to replace, Dear!

  • Time to change

Naadam is a national festival held during the summer celebrating Mongolia’s independence, heritage and tradition. It’s an awe-inspiring and eloquent expression of the nomadic culture through sporting competitions such as wrestling, archery and horse riding.

With the celebratory months of Naadam comes nationwide sales season on consumer electronics, where you see ads and banners in every corner - both online and offline. This summer, we worked with Samsung Electronics in order to support sales promotion on all TV models. This circumstance challenged us to stand out from others, however, at the same time, gave us an opportunity to be different.

Our idea was simple: With Samsung’s quality products and appealing promotional offer, all we had to do was to attract as many people and urge them to upgrade their old TVs with new ones.

  • Time to replace dear
  • Time to replace dear
  • Time to replace dear

So, we came up with an idea, translated into the slogan СОЛИХ ЦАГ БОЛЛОО, ХОНГОР МИНЬ! (TIME TO REPLACE, DEAR!) and visualized through a series of videos that show different occasions to replace old TVs with new ones. The campaign focused on digital outlets and was supported with OOH.

As a result of this campaign, Samsung TV’s sales have risen six times compared to the average number that is sold during this time of the year. Without a doubt, it was time to replace their TVs!