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Creativity and Experiences That Connect

Passionately inventive and relentlessly curious, we strive to uncover the connection in all we do. From finding the relevance and authenticity true to a brand and its consumers, to connecting to them whenever and wherever they are. Explore our award-winning work to see how we unite people across platforms, experiences and culture.

Our Work
  • Your Weekend

    The Last Ever Issue

    We purchased Poland's longest running and most-read adult magazine and turned the page by making its last issue the beginning of a new conversation around sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights and sexism.
  • Wendy smashing down a freezer containing frozen beef inside Fortnite.

    Keeping Fortnite Fresh

    We leveraged online gaming to authentically connect with a new audience and spread Wendy's brand message of never-frozen beef. Done organically, we changed how brands interact in this new world.
  • Book with tampons inside

    The Tampon Book

    Scholz & Friends in Germany, a strategic partner of VMLY&R, used creativity and tampons to outsmart the tax system legally — helping The Female Company, an online shop for feminine hygiene products, become a political player and, in turn, change unfair laws against women.

  • FordPass app

    Ford Pass

    We created an ever-expanding platform that combines all the world’s best ideas about transportation into one experience. From starting your car to finding and reserving parking or even reserving a bike, FordPass is a go-to source for all things mobility. FordPass allows the world to engage with the Ford brand. Even those who don’t own a car.
  • Exterior of a pub in London called The Runaway Pub

    Runaway Pub

    Using app technology, we developed a digital currency for New Balance based on how many miles a person ran. Their miles could be exchanged for pints in one-of-a-kind Runaway Pub. Results included a new kind of engagement with New Balance and a rewarding branded experience for consumers.
  • Tooth Fairy's Address

    Tooth Fairy’s Address

    We made it possible for parents to help other children by revealing the Tooth Fairy's address, which just happens to be at the Faculdade de Odontologia Universidade de São Paulo (FOUSP,) where scientific studies are carried out with baby teeth. We enabled people to be able to ship their baby teeth for free to The Tooth Fairy at FOUSP, in turn helping thousands of people.
  • Person visiting the Sprint website on a mobile phone

    Digital Transformation

    We built an entirely new digital consumer experience for Sprint, which helped the telecom giant realize $1 billion in annual savings and increased digital sales of more than 200%.
  • Different African styled designs in a grid format

    Don't tell me what to do

    Edgars, a 90-year old department store brand, was struggling for relevance. VMLY&R South Africa successfully repositioned the brand from being on the outside of local culture to being a culturally relevant connected brand.
  • A tweet from Wendy's


    When Americans want to show love and appreciation, Wendy's creates holidays. #NationalRoastDay resulted in a whopping 737% increase in Twitter mentions and creatively drove awareness and engagement for the fast-food brand.
  • 1319 Years without Tsunamis: In Syria the worst natural disaster is mankind

    Natural Disasters

    Despite having gone nearly 1,400 years without a tsunami, death, destruction and irreparable damage still scar Syria. Leveraging creativity, VMLY&R Chile helped Amnesty International raise awareness of man-made disasters in war-torn Syria.
  • United Rentals website

    Putting CX First

    United Rentals is the world's largest equipment rental company. We transformed the brand's customer experience from a series of online "printed" catalogs, marketing flyers and contact forms to a truly robust and interactive online marketplace that serves the customer and drives growth for the business.
  • Miss America billboard

    Miss America 2.0

    If the swimsuit symbolized everything that Miss America had become in the public consciousness, getting rid of it symbolized everything that Miss America wanted to be. "Miss America 2.0" refocused the organization on its core values of women’s empowerment, leadership and scholarship, and paved the way for young women everywhere.
  • Woman on a dark street

    Next Minute Law

    The Next Minute Law in Brazil ensures free, immediate assistance to rape victims at public hospitals. In partnership with the Federal Prosecution Service, we raised awareness for the law by installing billboards with lighting six times stronger on streets with a high incidence of violence to not only inform about the law, but prevent new assaults.

  • Neil Armstrong on the moon

    Journey to the Moon

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the greatest journey of a Sailor ever, we leveraged the technology of Google Assistant and transformed the Apollo 11 mission into an adventure that highlighted careers in the U.S. Navy.
  • Laugh tracker wearable device

    Laugh Tracker

    We merged creativity with technology for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development and developed a wearable that scientifically proved kids have fun on vacation in Tennessee, helping influence thousands to visit the state.

  • Currency exchange board

    Dollar Agony

    Tying in to recent events, Dhélet VMLY&R in Argentina created a thought-provoking radio advertisement for Ripio to promote their bitcoin and digital payment services.

  • Crowd at a soccer match


    beIN SPORTS, the new U.S. broadcaster for the most important and prestigious South American soccer competition, Copa Libertadores, wanted to engage with South American super soccer fans known as HINCHAS, and invite non-South American and casual soccer fans to be part of the HINCHA culture, building awareness and driving tune-in.

  • A colorblind man has an emotional reaction after looking through a Colorblind Viewer to see Tennessee’s foliage

    Colorblind Viewer

    With our client parters at the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, we merged technology and creativity to make it possible for colorblind people to experience the wondrous colors of fall in Tennessee. The work was shared by national media, spreading the message that tourism in Tennessee is truly for everyone. It also helped boost hotel revenues in the Volunteer State 9.5% over the previous year.
  • ANZAC 1260x893 Case Study Header

    The Half Biscuit

    We reimagined a popular biscuit in Australia and New Zealand to bring people closer together and raise awareness and donations for Legacy Australia and New Zealand’s RSA — both which provide assistance and support to families of returned and deceased service personnel.

  • Pint Block Pub - Website


    The pub where you can't finish your drink! And a new campaign for THINK! to help prevent young men drink driving.

  • Mayo plus ketchup equals Mayochup


    Mayochup was the most effective product launch in Heinz history. Our simple Twitter question about Mayo and Ketchup grew to generate a total of 2.28 billion impressions. We received the highest response rate in Twitter poll history with nearly 1 million people weighing in. Heinz experienced a remarkable 27 percent lift in awareness of Heinz Mayonnaise, and 28 percent of respondents recalled seeing the Mayochup activation.
  • LED light board powered by solar

    Give Life to the Night

    In Vietnam, there are still communities filled with aspiring sports stars who don’t have access to properly lit areas to pursue their dreams after the sun sets. With Red Bull, we created "Give Life to the Night," an LED billboard powered by 2,475 Red Bull cans that absorb and store energy from the sun to light up the night.
  • Amblyopia cards used for checking children.

    i Rescue

    Kids around the world struggle with amblymyopia, or lazy eye. It's treatable, but in disadvantaged communities that lack of medical care can lead to learning difficulties and blindness. We created an inexpensive tool that empowers parents to proactively screen and treat their child's eyes using any available printed material.
  • Soundproof Posters

    Soundproof Posters

    To save beginner guitar players from the complaints of angry neighbors, parents and siblings, we created Soundproof Posters for Rolling Stone: a series of band posters made entirely out of studio-grade acoustic foam.
  • Young girl on her phone

    Love Story

    We helped Movistar create a chilling love story to remind viewers of the need to safely and responsibly use telecommunications and social networks. Within just two weeks, the work garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube and 7 million views on Facebook page. Stunned viewers liked the work 85,000 times and left more than 19,000 comments. But the most important achievement was the conversation generated on an important issue.
  • Icon of an ambulance communicating with a digital billboard

    Emergency Route

    We turned JCDecaux's digital billboards into early warning systems to help ambulances avoid traffic. In less than a week, our message aired more than 2,000 times, with rescue teams avoiding 4 km of traffic per attendance, on average. A staggering 87% of emergency professionals that used the app felt it was an efficient and empowering solution.