Alejandro Deluis

With more than 12 years of experience working with global brands and teams, is the main responsible for the integrated production of the agency. With his team is able to work from the development of an ecommerce platform to the production of great creative ideas and innovation. His work mainly covers the needs of 5 pillars: Data Intelligence, Platforms and Experiences, Social Media, Audiovisual Production and Content Creation.

During his career he has been able to transform the business and thinking of clients with a comprehensive vision about Omni-channel approach, Digital Thinking and Agile Methodologies that help reduce times and costs. Leading multidisciplinary teams, has managed to reduce the gap between different thoughts and ways of working among teams from North America, Asia and Europe having a better organization and the same way of working between the agency, the client and third party vendors around the world. 

He has worked in some agencies and companies such as DDB and Televisa Interactive Media, as well as major brands such as Volkswagen, Bimbo, Best Buy, Kellogg Company, Mc Donald's, Ford, Banco Azteca, SANOFI, INVEX Bank, among many others.

  • Alejandro de Luis
VP Integrated Production