Eric Ho

Through grit and curiosity, Eric wanted every turn on his journey to be a surprise. Upon graduation, Eric took over the family business, but soon realise the timber and construction business is not as exciting as he imagine it to be. After just three months, he gave his dad a hug and decided to give the advertising industry a shot. Fast forward 10 years later, after working on multiple local, regional and global businesses, he was given an opportunity to head up the VMLY&R Government Practice in Singapore. Today, he heads up VMLY&R Malaysia leading a team of 50 cross functional passionate brand builders.   

Passionate about evolution, that advertising is no longer advertising today and it will be something else tomorrow. Some people say there’s no future in this industry, but to Eric, the future is being charted every day and he wants to be part of that future.

Eric is into the journey as much as the destination, he enjoy the everyday grind. He takes the less obvious path and enjoy getting surprised during the journey.

Eric also believe that to push the industry forward we first need to understand and reach out to our communities. The communities reflects the market and audience sentiments and will arm us with the right proof points. Hence, community engagement events are encouraged amongst all employees. 

  • Managing Director
Managing Director