Changing Perceptions to Build the Nation

The Brief

Telekom Malaysia has worked tirelessly to bring about this new revolution of connectivity for the people. But the Rakyat wasn’t too happy with as all eyes are on Telekom Malaysia to pave the way when it comes to building a digital nation.

The Challenge

Being the leaders in connectivity, we cannot shy away. But how can we progress further when we do not have the Rakyat’s support?

The Solution We gave unifi a new face, a smiling one. We reconfigured unifi’s approach to communicating to the Rakyat. Everything that unifi did, they did it for the people. With #khabarbaik being the key tagline, coupled with very happy faces, we delivered what the Rakyat needs in a very positive manner. Amidst all the negativity, unifi stood out as a resilient brand constantly dishing out good news for the Rakyat.

The Results Upon launching, positive sentiments

outweighed negative ones by 4 to 1. The morale of the company was also boosted as the #khabarbaik spirit spread internally and externally, organically.