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How we got Māori men talking about safety.

New Zealand’s workplace safety record is moving forwards, but Māori workers were being left behind. They were 44% more likely to be seriously injured at work than Pakeha, and less willing to talk about safety.

To create the cultural shift needed to change attitudes and save lives, we collaborated with Māori comedian D’Angelo Martin. Through him, we expressed our message: however you talk about safety is good.

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Through the concept of manaaki (collective care), we got workers to talk about safety on the job for the sake of their work whānau and wider family

Through social and online video, we showed the many different ways guys could talk about safety, thereby protecting themselves and their loved ones.

The campaign extended into cultural events, workplaces, news media and engaged Māori workers by giving them a genuine voice.

It created such a connection with its audience 73% said they changed the way they thought or behaved about workplace safety, which means the campaign is estimated to have changed 150,000 young Kiwi workers’ behaviour.

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