The Electricity Authority - What’s My Number Winter campaign

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Reaching and motivating everyone to check their number.

After years of successful campaigns, we’d encouraged 60% of Kiwis to check their number.

But the other 40% were harder to get moving. They’d already seen our campaigns and weren’t motivated.

Through data-driven research, collaboration workshops and the right insights, we spurred 4 hard-to-reach audiences into action.

We used research to identify 4 key groups. We then collaborated with our client to shape messages that appealed to the different motivations for each group.

The approach worked so well we had over 56,000 new number-checkers, 80% of them had never checked before; precisely who we were going after. Web traffic went up 58%, and cost per session went down.

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The McPickle gained 96% positive sentiment, over 500 million impressions – equivalent to more than $12m P.R value - and generated 800 plus media stories worldwide. It’s since become the most requested item at McDonald’s in Australia.

Not bad for something that doesn’t exist.