Slingshot – You Call The Shots

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Slingshot – You Call The Shots

Slingshot believes in giving New Zealanders more control over their broadband, power and mobile services.  They can control what sort of deals they want, how they want to manage their accounts, and how they want to get in contact.  

To show just how much control they have, and to cut through in a cluttered telco market that focuses on price over flexibility and customer service, we launched a new platform ‘You call the shots’, along with a spokespuppet, controlled by Slingshot customers.  

Putting our spokespuppet truly in their hands, we even let customers name him via social media. (They named him Stu.)

Created in collaboration with a former Creative Director of The Jim Henson Company, Stu is now the customer champion, fronting all Slingshot communications with offers, deals and services that favour the customer, via TV, digital, social, outdoor and radio. He even appears at staff events, as a constant reminder that at Slingshot, the customer calls the shots.

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