International Women’s Day 2022

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Break the Bias

While this year’s global theme for International Women’s Day is Break the Bias, we at VMLY&R Pakistan coined our own personal tagline for the month, #TalkAboutIt — an open platform for women to express their uniqueness, experiences and emotions beyond their preconceived identities, which are otherwise kept away from the world.  


Rabbia Sualeh

Community Manager

“Breaking free from old and toxic patterns has a way of shifting your lift and shifting your perspectives. Not everyone is going to be okay with the new versions of self that you transform and change into. Not everyone is meant to walk with you on that path.

As a woman it’s hard being vulnerable because the society already assumes that we’re made of steel and will “get over it”. But the process of healing is different for everyone.”

“Everything takes time, clarity of mind and especially the ability to trust your inner voice and learn forgiveness.”

Lessons learnt: expecting the unexpected, forgive and forget.


Batool Curmally

Associate Creative Director

‘Just like a plant holds its leaves outstretched reaching up to bask in the warm glow of the sun, women in this country are looking up to greater powers in their struggle to be seen, to be heard and to receive their due rights as they aspire to succeed.
This International Women’s Day, I believe empathy and compassion are the greatest gifts we can give – first to ourselves, and then to each other. Change begins with us - it’s time to stop silencing our inner voice and to start speaking up for what we believe in, to start being seen as equals more than capable of shattering any glass ceilings put before us.’


Zohra Yusuf

Chief Creative Officer

“For several years, I was the only woman at the ad agency I joined in 1971.  Today, it’s heartening to see women enter the profession in increasing numbers. A special tribute is due to those who showed guts and drive to strike out on their own – in setting up an agency or going into film production. Advertising is a career that provides opportunities for self-expression, for endless discoveries and exciting futures.”


Shahbano Noor Sheikh

Creative Content Writer

“After euthanizing our four year old cat, post a terrible car accident, I knew this world was unforgiving towards animals.As a woman, we are taught there is weakness in sensitivity. I believe otherwise. I still cry every time I have to get a stray animal run over by a car euthanized. I cry for days. But that doesn’t stop me.Instead it motivates me to keep at it. If anything, being sensitive has made me stronger and I’m proud of it.”


Ghazala Ahmed

Director Social Marketing

“I have been in advertising for many years and can say with confidence that it is a soul satisfying journey. It continues to present you with fresh challenges so there is never a dull moment. It’s an enlightening experience that has empowered me to lead a fulfilling life.”


Ujala Rawlani

Digital Media Executive

“Hailing from a small town of Sindh and settling in a completely different culture, this journey has made me stronger than ever. I have learnt to have my own back in times of doubt, and I have learned to Break the Bias people have against ‘small town girls’.

One should never let their background come in the way of moving forward. Let's #BreakTheBias and encourage women from every community and society to chase their dreams, regardless of where they have come from.”


Uzma Akhtar

Account Director

“Life has taught me that you are you are your own biggest cheerleader. There are many to pull you down and make you doubt yourself. Take control and carve your own path. Being the only girl with two brothers, I worked really hard to be where I am today – Equal and accomplished in a corporate world.”


Eman Saleem

Digital Account Manager

“For me, womanhood is an eternal and internal source of strength, warmth and ferocity. To seek strength, empowerment or love, all we have to do is look within. Between ‘mom-ing’ and working, my mental health has bowed out. What keeps me going? My willpower to never give up and Break the Bias!”


We need all of you to be a part of this, we need you to be heard, to be seen. And we welcome all professionals into the conversation that celebrates you for who you are behind the scenes – Let’s Talk About It.

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