Spectrum project with SBPT

Spectrum launched on digital, the Safe Blood Transfusion Project (SBTP), in partnership with the government of Germany and national health services of Pakistan, a process to educate and train 10 regional blood centers (RBC), 6 Blood transfusion authorities (BTA) and the SBTP itself on digital. Spectrum also provided the initial impetus of digital marketing on owned and paid channels for Blood Donor Mobilization for the RBCs.

Spectrum delivered a seminar on digital marketing to RBC’s in the field. Each RBC was then equipped with digital tools and online guidance to further their marketing objectives through social media. Teams from Spectrum visited RBC’s in Karachi, Jamshoro, Sukkur, Bahawalpur, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Giligit and Muzafarabad. Visits were followed up with 6 months of remote learning and guidance also provided by Spectrum. Capacity building of blood banks on content creation and community engagement laid the ground work for follow up trainings in which Spectrum introduced and implemented the Facebook Blood Donation Feature.

Spectrum partnered with Facebook for the conceptualization, development, and execution of Facebook Blood Donation Feature project. Pakistanis on Facebook are able to list their blood type and respond to verified appeals for donations from the certified blood banks. For implementation and optimization of Facebook Blood Donation Feature, Spectrum had a team at SBPT who were directly responsible for processing of white-listing and on-boarding requests from blood banks nationally. The team at SBTP also worked on capacity building of blood banks to digitalize their operations.

Over the course of one year, Spectrum co-managed content creation for the SBTP and directly managed the official social media platforms for the client. Additionally, we delivered content and developed eleven of the client’s websites for centers across Pakistan. Spectrum built awareness at the local level with BCC messages for blood donor mobilization via SMS Marketing.

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