Spectrum VMLY&R activates Jaffer Agro Services’ digital presence

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Spectrum VMLY&R has partnered up with JAS to enhance the presence of its digital platforms. Through extensive brand experience services, we ensure a prominent identity of the Jaffer Agro Services brand as well as all its products.

Through its services, Spectrum VMLY&R has enabled JAS to showcase the effectiveness of each of its products, and therefore, reach a wider target audience with more specific targeting strategies. Highlighting the efficiency of its agrochemicals and fertilizer etc. has not only help raised awareness about the products and their functions but has also helped improve the chances of increasing overall agricultural yield in the country.

By developing effective campaigns for products like Nutraful, Matoi and Fuji One to name a few, Spectrum brings Jaffer Agro’s innovation in agriculture to the forefront and positions each product to suit the needs of its consumers.

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