Yamaha Motor Pakistan accelerates its E-commerce

Spectrum VMLY&R’s work for Yamaha Motor Pakistan has helped the motorcycle manufacturer establish its (distinct) technology in the minds of the consumers in Pakistan. However, even the once profitable automotive sector was rendered helpless against the lockdowns and restrictions that came with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan (YMPK), however, remained optimistic even during the lockdown, entrusting Spectrum to amplify its digital marketing efforts. Keeping local consumer preferences and Yamaha’s standards in mind, a new campaign was started where not only did YMPK create engaging and clutter-breaking social media content for its audience, it also adopted a multi-layered lead-generation approach to convert said audience into customers. YMPK’s stylish & prestigious products coupled with Spectrum’s ingenious promotional strategy, which encompassed both digital media marketing and top-to-bottom website building, optimization and management, resulted in the campaign reaching out to countless customers, garnering massive positive feedback and numerous conversions to make it one of Yamaha’s most fruitful online sales campaign. 

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