Muzafar Ali

The credit for putting together Spectrum’s website goes to Muzafar. He has a BS (Hons) degree in Software Engineering from University of Sindh Jamshoro/Hyderabad and joined Spectrum in May 2014 as Web Developer. Before joining Spectrum he spent some years gaining rich experience at software houses in Karachi and Hyderabad. Muzafar also made significant contribution in developing an App for PIA which will replace the manual customer feedback form. He also managed a large-scale program for web development with Government of Pakistan, six provincial authorities, 12 regional centers and national co-ordination authorities. Ensured that the project completed on time.

Muzafar’s current responsibilities include handling coordination and quality assurance with outside resources for technology related projects. He is also responsible for handling client communication, reporting and development for websites of Yamaha Motor Pakistan, Yamaha Bikers Club, Colgate, State Life Insurance, Sky Electric, Coca-Cola Brands, Coke Studio, SHMA Consultancy, Regional Blood Centers and ILUKA Holistic Wellness center.

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Senior Project Manager