Bonus Tristar

Bonus Mila Hai Sab Se Zyada

The highest selling detergent in Pakistan, Bonus continues to attract consumers through campaigns that combine earthy humor with strong product propositions. This successful formula gives Bonus strong Top of Mind Recall as well as ensuring a steady growth in sales.

With the competition trying to build its equity on value propositions, Spectrum VMLY&R outsmarted them by launching a campaign for Bonus which reinforced its claim of offering the lowest price but highest quality in terms of per-gram pricing. This gave rise to the ‘Bonus Mila, Sub Sey Ziaada Mila’ narrative for its newly launched 3kg pack.

The campaign featured a word play on the word ‘Bonus’ and seamlessly integrated the product’s proposition in the hero asset’s main storyline, further cementing the leadership position in the market.

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