Brite now fights bacteria

Brite Anti-Bacterial

When Colgate-Palmolive decided to introduce an anti-bacterial variant to address current consumer concerns about germs and viruses, the theme of “Brite will make everything right” provided the right platform with the additional promise of “woh germs say bhi fight karde ga” (Brite will also fight germs) .

In launching Brite Anti-bacterial, the brand also created awareness about germs lurking on clothes.

The campaign maintained the light-heartedness of the Brite brand communication, focusing on a youthful family where father and son bring in stains and germs while playing outside and a young, obsessive mother rises to the occasion – countering the twin problem of stains and germs with a single product.

The symbol of the tick mark and the popular jingle were other elements that strengthened brand recall. Apart from a television commercial, this campaign got exposure on outdoor and point of sale as well, apart from direct communication with retailers and distributors.

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