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In a time of unsteady economic conditions, Caltex, after decades of operating in Pakistan, decided to exit its retail side (petrol pumps) of the business, thus greatly affecting brand visibility. Competitors were drawing in audiences with aggressive marketing campaigns, and we needed to develop communication to bring Caltex back to the forefront through its best-selling lubricants, while also addressing speculations that Caltex may exit the Pakistani market altogether.


The objective of the campaign was to reassure people that Caltex is here to stay, as well as create noise in the market about its growing presence through its oil change facilities and lubricants business - establishing strong brand visibility across multiple media platforms to strengthen top-of-mind recall.

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Like stars in the sky shine for centuries, the Caltex Star will shine bright for decades to come.

The Campaign:

Reinforcing brand visibility through a creative representation of the iconic Caltex Star, our thematic campaign focused on the brand’s strengths and long-standing presence around the thought ‘The Caltex Star that was Born to Shine’. 

The concept for execution symbolized through analogy Caltex as an athlete (a long-distance runner) who overcomes many challenges by keeping his eye on the finish line - determined and focused on yet another lap, yet another race, yet another successful day. Just like Caltex, he has always… more to go!



The campaign was executed on multiple platforms. On Digital, GDN, YouTube Display, Animated Banners, News Websites, Auto/Tech Portals and Sports Websites were chosen. On more traditional platforms such as TV, 13 channels were taken on board. Radio and print media were used as support media.

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