Colgate Herbal – Healthy gums, strong teeth – naturally!

colgate herbal

Colgate Herbal includes four vital ingredients into its formulation to deliver stronger teeth and healthier gums. The challenge here was to give Herbal a fresh persona that would communicate the key product benefits, while also reviving the Herbal Beaver Mascot, Gillu in a modern and contemporary manner.

Rising to the challenge, Spectrum VMLY&R conceptualized and executed a Colgate Herbal TVC in a youth-oriented, energizing and natural setting. Focused and impactful, yet playful and fun, this TVC emphasized the possibility of living life to the fullest without holding back. Gillu played a powerful role in this TVC – not only as a brand ambassador emphasizing the power of proven natural ingredients to improve oral health with his strong white teeth, but also building credibility by appearing in a natural setting where these ingredients are sourced. This TVC served as comeback for Gillu, relaunching his presence in all Herbal communications going forward.

This TVC also served to put Colgate Herbal forward as the answer to an insightful emotional connect – that people can indeed benefit from relief from burning gums, giving them the freedom to live their life fully without being inhibited, embarrassed or holding back from the things they love.


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