Gift Of a Lifetime

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State Life Insurance


We all want to feel cared for – and the selfless kindness of strangers can transform our lives in ways we cannot perceive.


To bring the insight to life, we led with an emotionally-engaging DVC, showcasing how the kindness of one woman saved an orphan’s life – and how throughout his life, State Life was by his side to secure his future.

To help State Life, Pakistan’s only insurance corporation with a ‘AAA’ PACRA Rating, launch its online presence and connect with a new generation of potential customers – the digital audience.

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“Our competitors have long focused on highlighting their strengths and it was time to break the cycle of our stereotyped advertising,” says Muhammad Izqar Khan, Executive Director, State Life.

Commonly perceived as a traditional, old-school and government-owned organization, State Life needed to be seen as an approachable, modern and relatable brand for today’s youth.

To make an impact, the communication needed to be hard-hitting, memorable and have the potential to go viral, moving away from their present advertising style, which links with functional product-centric communication.

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  • ‘Kamyabi Ko Apney Andar Talash Karo’

The campaign was a huge success, with a large number of shares over 47M impressions were achieved on digital media which is 175% of the expected impressions.

•Video Views on YouTube were well over 3 million

The campaign reached 4.6M people on Facebook and Instagram, which resulted in an increase of ad recall lift up to 5.12%

After all the efforts over 3,555 leads generated through digital.

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