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Our awareness campaign centered on the importance of Colostrum – a mother’s first milk, and its essential nutrients in developing a child’s immunization, through an emotional hard-hitting film which showcased the emotional bond between a mother and child. The campaign targeted young couples, in SEC C, D, E, eager for a better quality of life, residing in urban, semi-urban & rural areas.

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  • USAID - Mother's first milk


In Pakistan, a lack of awareness and access to proper maternal and child healthcare facilities, along with the passing down of age-old traditional practices, hinder the healthy development of children. Insufficient education around the importance of exclusive breastfeeding hampers the nutritional / immunization needs of babies. A common practice is to give the newborn child a taste of honey instead of breastfeeding the child immediately, which can be harmful to his/her health.



Parents feel particularly protective towards babies. However, certain myths & misconceptions can harm their baby’s health. Young parents needed to be educated on the benefits of mother’s milk, informing them that mother’s milk is all the nutrition the newborn needs & it protects them against illnesses.

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The purpose of the campaign was to persuade couples to move from traditional practices to healthy & beneficial ones – to promote breastfeeding right after birth up to 6 months
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