The pandemic made a distinct opportunity for disruption in meal and grocery delivery industry. That’s where Jovi jumped in – not your ordinary delivery app, translated as anything, Jovi promised to deliver whatever, whenever, wherever!

Stepping into an already saturated market, with established players and new entrants constantly jumping in, it was clear from the beginning that we either go big or go home. Our challenge was to communicate how the Jovi App stands out from the rest. With a modest budget, it was time to come up with an exhilarating marketing campaign to highlight Jovi’s differentiated experience.


With a promise to deliver whatever, whenever, wherever, the possibilities are endless. We asked ourselves who doesn’t like a surprise?

Playing on the mystery we created a teaser campaign that would ignite the interest in Jovi and judging from the excitement generated followed through with a campaign that made the big news even bigger.


We started off with a teaser campaign, “Jovi Ke Andar Kiya Hai?” (What’s inside the Jovi box?), building into the curiosity of the consumers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. As part of the teaser phase, we created virality using the same phrase attracting tons of attraction and engagement across all social media platforms.

Keeping this spirit alive we began to launch our actual product, the Jovi App. With a first of its type hologram in Pakistan, five holograms lit up the skies of Rawalpindi and Islamabad at the same time which resulted in a lot of media coverage. The tone of our content was such that all local influencers and celebrities automatically got on board to cash on the “Big News”.

During the launch phase, while empowering the audience to build their own shopping cart with up to 8 pit stops, “Jovi Chaho, MangWOW” (Whatever you want, get!), was launched on all social media platforms introducing the Jovi App as not just your ordinary delivery app.

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Digital Reach: 517,159

Every individual residing in Rawalpindi & Islamabad has seen at least one communication asset for Jovi.

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Digital Impressions: 2,821,591

The accumulated reach that the campaign achieved including multiple views/visits.

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Engaged Users: 121,408

The total number of people that interacted with at least one piece of communication from Jovi’s #JoviChahoMangWOW campaign.

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Team Jovi and Spectrum proved that innovation isn’t just crucial, it’s now the norm.

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