Lemon Max Liquid – The power of 3

lemon max 3X

Good things come in threes – and Lemon Max Liquid combines 3x more strength, 3x more dishwashing and 3x cost effectiveness as compared to dishwashing bars, all in its sleek signature yellow bottle.

encourage habit change in dishwashing and establish the fact that Max Liquid is economical to use, the brand   took the initiative to convert  bar users, highlighting its own efficacy and reinforcing its position as Pakistan’s #1 liquid dishwash brand.

Conceptualizing and executing the TVC for the Lemon Max Liquid ‘Jaib Ki Safaiee’ Campaign, Spectrum VMLY&R was able to help strongly communicate the key message with a hard-hitting insight: In these tough times of inflation, Max Liquid cleans out only your dishes, not your wallet. The ad touches on several emotional benefits that are relevant in modern-day society, including appreciating the daughter-in-law for sensible and budget-friendly decision-making, getting the most value for money and making smart decisions to best benefit the household. Our film brought to center stage the power of one drop for 3x stronger grease cutting and the key benefit of sparkling clean dishes with the maximum economy of use. This was also effective in countering the audience’s perception that Lemon Max Liquid is expensive compared to other washing mediums.

Taking a lighthearted and refreshing approach, the TVC goes to show an inter-generational connect in wanting to find the best solutions together and being aligned on the best possible outcome, while still staying light on the pocket.

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