Nankhatai – The Taste of Tradition

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A sweet, crunchy biscuit with its heritage traced back to the Mughal Era, Nankhatai is loved by millions of Pakistanis. Upon the launch of Lu Bakeri Nankhatai, it faced significant competition against branded competitors in the plain biscuit category & the unbranded Nankhatai segment. It was imperative to establish the authenticity of Lu Bakeri Nankhatai among audiences. The strategic challenge was to create top-of-mind recall, establishing that Bakeri Nankhatai gives consumers the authentic taste that they enjoy in the unbranded bakery nankhatai. 

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LU Bakeri Nankhatai was launched in 2015 and took the industry by storm, becoming the fastest brand to reach PKR 1 billion in sales. The success of LU Nankhatai resulted in a slew of competitors launching their own versions of the traditional biscuit but none of them could be sustained in the fiercely competitive category and eventually all were discontinued.

World-class Packaging:
After a great deal of research, Spectrum VMLY&R proposed the packaging strategy for the product and was able to trace the history of Nankhatai’s traditional & authentic taste and reflect it in its packaging. The design showcased the old walled city of Lahore, famous for its Nankhatai. It brought to life the glorious Mughal era, using shades of rich gold and red colors complemented by fine sketches to add a rich quality to the product. Ultimately, the brand won the US-based Print & Packaging Award and also became the first Pakistani brand to be featured on Packaging of the World’s website.

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Execution – Tracing The Journey of Nankhatai:
The communication challenge was to bring to life the nostalgia and historical background of one of the subcontinent’s oldest and most beloved confectionary items and to do so in an evocative way creating an emotional connect with consumers.


In a campaign that captured Nankhatai’s nostalgia & historical background and brought it to life, Spectrum VMLY&R developed an emotional connect with audiences by portraying ‘The Journey of Nankhatai’ – from its very origins. This campaign featured Irrfan Khan, one of the best-known actors in the region. His nostalgic journey across time– along with his beautifully woven narrative – took viewers on a journey that transcended borders. Strategically, his fame and persona were a great way to connect with audiences, adding credibility and creating TOM for the brand.

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    • The campaign was very well received and yielded excellent results – a 105% growth in sales, along with increased consumption and TOM scores (by 400 & 300 bps, respectively). Volume growth - target 25% increase in average monthly sales (Dec & Jan) vs. 2017
    • Target of 1 million views on social media
    • Increase TOM from 2 to 4
    • Increase consumption from 19 to 22
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