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National Bank of Pakistan is the premier state-owned commercial bank of Pakistan, and has earned immense trust of the people over the years. In a market dominated by digital banking services, NBP needed to launch its Mobile App & EMV Debit Card while establishing itself as a modern bank. Thus, effective communication was required to launch its new digital services while also projecting a modern, fresh look for the brand.


Since NBP is a state-owned bank, the trust it holds is very strong. However, people who prefer banking through digital did not choose NBP because it did not have digital banking capabilities. The entity is also perceived as having outdated banking methods. When trust of the customers and the convenience of digital came together, it made National Bank of Pakistan’s digital offering one to associate with. This was the brand insight that we leveraged in order to propose our big idea.


‘Now accessible through digital, National Bank of Pakistan is your partner in banking through technology.’

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“If a digital app offers convenience and solutions, then it should be available to every single one of our customers. We are a bank that caters to all of our customers. We don’t serve a particular kind of customer; we are the nation’s bank.” - Ali Ahmed Zaib, Assistant VP Strategic Marketing Division, NBP
Excerpt from interview in Aurora Magazine, May – June 2019 Issue


Since NBP is a bank for the masses, communications were directed towards the general public in both urban and rural settings.

The launch of digital banking facilities i.e. a Mobile App as well as EMV Debit Cards, served as an opportunity to position NBP as a modern bank just like its competitors. Showcasing the brands as the perfect banking partner, this campaign showed people a facet of NBP never before revealed. The concept also highlighted and emphasized the benefits of the Mobile App, as a means to avoid inconvenient bank visits.

A mix of selected News, Entertainment and Regional TV channels were considered, wherein spots were mostly placed during prime time slots to generate viewership numbers for both men and women in rural and urban settings. The spots were also aired in different time slots to maximize the reach and exposure of the campaign.

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  • NBP Goes Digital