One Month, One Bar

lemon max image

Spectrum VMLY&R and Colgate Palmolive recently released a new TVC for Lemon Max Long Bar. The ad features Wahaj Ali and Madiha Imam, famous for their roles in Ishq Jalebi, reuniting to play a singing couple who are comically interrupted during their kitchen shenanigans.

The TVC’s theme was ‘Rishton kay sath ab bartan bhi chamkengay’, relating to the Long Bar’s USP of being a soap that lasts the entire month or ‘Ek khareedari aur maheenay bhar ka aaram’.

As Pakistan’s No.1 Dishwash Brand, Lemon Max attracts a lot of attention and the decision to cast a popular TV couple to perform in the ad has already paid dividends with over 3 million views on YouTube, with the comment section full of praise for the casting choice.

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