Refreshing a Market Leader

From concept to cool execution. This is how we helped Colgate connect with a younger generation.

The time had come for Max Fresh to have a refresh of their own.
Aimed at a younger generation; the netizens of Pakistan for whom online trolling is a common problem - especially on Social Media. 

Trolls intentionally instigate conflict, creating hostility and arguments, while they sit back and enjoy the chaos they’ve created. To counteract this very real problem, we decided to connect Max Fresh’s refreshing coolness with the ability to react coolly to trolls: Apne iradhay refresh karo / Refresh your thinking. 
For the new campaign, we created an Integrated Marketing Communication, including Key Visuals, a TVC with extension content for digital, as well as In-Store communication that drove shoppers.

Take a look at the refreshed TVC spot.

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