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Roshni Helpline, a non-profit and non-government organization (NGO), works for the quick and safe recovery of missing children. Its efforts have helped develop a unique Referral System in liaison with law enforcement agencies, legal advocacy groups and individuals, children and women rights organizations and activists and media organizations. This System has helped in the quick and safe recovery of missing children; in follow-up investigations into the causes of children missing; in development of a mechanism for their protection and safety of children, in extending psychosocial help and support for the affected families.

To further the message of its cause and safely return children back to their families, Roshni needed an effective and far-reaching tool to spread its message.


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The sky was filled with our message which was able to travel with the wind. These unique kites became a coveted item throughout the city giving longevity to posters that are otherwise covered up or torn down by miscreants.


An idea proposed by VMLY&R Singapore, and conducted in collaboration with VMLY&R and VMLY&R Pakistan, using the cultural icon of Pakistani spring – the Kite – we turned it into a social vehicle to reunite the missing children with their families.


Holding an event at the Pavilion End Club, Karachi, we invited people to attend and join in the effort to recover missing children, raising our special kites like a beacon of hope for parents, like a special sign to guide missing children home.

Approximately 2,000 kites were printed with details of missing children and the Roshni helpline number. The event drew in a large crowd, and was so successful that we had a second event closely following the first.

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Finally 3 children were recovered as a result of the event – a heartening response to an already difficult mission – bringing home happiness, love and blessings.
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