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The Challenge:

Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is not well developed, rather it is considered underdeveloped and poorly managed. Currently the country is facing severe energy crisis. Rapid demand growth, transmission losses due to outdated infrastructure, power theft, and seasonal reductions in the availability of hydropower have worsened the situation. Consequently, the demand exceeds supply and hence load shedding is a common phenomenon through power shutdown.

During this time, SkyElectric not only offered customers its own manufactured solar energy systems (unlike vendors who combined products from different manufacturers to make a solar energy system), but also brought state-of-the-art solar energy technology to Pakistan that integrated Artificial Intelligence to optimize electricity generation & use.

This was the first time such a product had entered the Pakistani market. However, the biggest challenge faced by the company was the fact that the audience SkyElectric was targeting was not fully aware of what the functionality or potential of solar energy really is. They were alien to the possibilities. There were several misconceptions about the energy produced through solar, as well as about the system itself. The concept of net metering (two-way power flow) was very new to the people whom SkyElectric intended to speak to.


The objective of the campaign was to build awareness about the brand, while educating the people about the benefits of switching to solar energy with SkyElectric – establishing the brand as high-end as its products are smart solar energy systems.

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By building on the strength of SkyElectric, which is the integration of Artificial Intelligence paired with Human Intelligence, we built a campaign around the idea that SkyElectric is the only solar company in Pakistan to be Powered by Intelligence.

The Campaign:

SkyElectric is unique as it uses the proprietary SmartFlow technology, which makes use of Artifical Intelligence to effectively manage energy generation, consumption and selling (back to the grid) to provide optimum cost-saving. This USP proved to be the perfect starting point to resonate with customers’ pain-points.


The campaign made use of two celebrities in Pakistan to represent a high-end household the product is intended for, and was executed on multiple media platforms. The integrated campaign included a TVC which linked the power of solar with the power of intelligence, using which SkyElectric provides a seamless experience to the users and also greatly lowers their electricity bill. The campaign was also run on Print & Digital media, along with an extensive OOH campaign. In addition, the campaign was also run in cinemas and radio.

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