SkyElectric – Taking The Lead


The objective of the 2021 campaign was to build awareness about the brand and reach the maximum relevant target audience for the best quality leads.

/ The Challenge

How can we digitally increase relevant sales for a product that is priced higher than competitors?

SkyElectric entered the Pakistani market in 2019 to provide an alternate solution to meet consumer demands, using its own manufactured solar systems (as opposed to other vendors who simply combine products from different manufacturers to make a solar system) and strong after-sales services.

In 2021, our objective to reach new audiences and gather relevant leads was fraught with obstacles. There were misconceptions about the efficiency of solar. There were worries regarding its cost and whether it could be a true alternative to traditional grid energy.

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As other vendor’s solar systems, lack of after-sales services and their own manufacturing led to a poor experience; We positioned SkyElectric as bringing world class technology to Pakistan and gave the customers confidence in Solar with our strong after sales service.

SkyElectric, powered with AI and housed in a sleek metallic body, provides the comfort of a relationship after the sale and the confidence in solar technology.

Similar to 2019, we started with a celebrity featured video that immediately brought the brand attention. We outperformed in 2021 when we followed it up with customer testimonials, referral app animations, giveaways, informative posts, and specific lead generation posts that allowed interested parties to sign up or learn more.

In the months following the launch, our lead captures increased and the digital campaign extended further – we overachieved targets, month on month.

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  • Engagement with the audience skyrocketed with user generated content & giveaways
  • June saw an increase in leads of 298%

/ Awards

Pakistan’s Best Solar Plus Storage System at the 15th Consumer Choice Awards

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