Sub right!

Brite Sab Right Kardega

In a highly competitive detergent market, Colgate-Palmolive’s Brite was perceived a par below Unilever’s Surf Excel and P&G’s Ariel – although all are in the top tier and available at the same price.

The challenge was to uplift the brand image and to build top of mind recall for Brite.

The campaign we launched achieved the above in distinctive ways. Firstly, stains were not treated too seriously but rather as something that Brite would easily set right. Secondly, we introduced the tick mark as a mnemonic that tied in with the brand promise of “Brite will make everything right” and quickly gained recognition. Thirdly, the catchy jingle became popular and contributed to the required top of mind recall.  In fact, many memes on the theme were shared on social media.

The television campaign was supported on digital, in-store displays and outdoor, resulting in swift and effective achievement of the advertising objectives.

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