Fighting Small Hunger


Small Hunger

Small Hunger, one of the most recognizable brand heroes in Poland, representing Danone’s homogenized cheese Danio, has entered the world of gaming. In a new campaign, the brand hero tries to arouse hunger for Fortnite players on with an innovative AI-based ad format. VMLY&R Poland developed the first-ever advertising algorithm that enables real-time analysis of gameplay on Twitch and triggers the ad when the characters were most likely experiencing hunger. The startup inSTREAMLY is responsible for broadcasting the campaign. 

One of the top Polish Fortnite streamers on Twitch — Taiovsky Crew (Patryk ‘Taiovsky’, Winny, Pawel ‘Lilqki’ Knicz) — along with Jakub ‘Hycel’ Krawczyk and Dominik ‘Beznickos‘ Przygoda, joined the fight against hunger sensation between meals.

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