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We don’t just do work that sells; we do work that’s felt. Everything we create adds real value to the lives of everyone it reaches. We deliver powerful messages to bring people together and develop innovative ways for them to connect. Explore our award-winning work to see how we link people across platforms and across cultures.

Last Ever Issue
  • the last ever issue ostatni twój weekend

    The Last Ever Issue

    We purchased Poland's longest running and most read adult magazine and turned the page by making its last issue the beginning of a new conversation around sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights, sexism, and more.
  • The Missed Spaceflight

    The Missed Spaceflight

    For more than 40 years, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering breakthrough products and exceptional value to people around the world. As the #1 Consumer Electronics company, Samsung Electronics is the global leader in mobile, semiconductor and display technologies.
  • LINK4 Mama


    For most consumers, insurance services are boring, the products are unclear and completing the policy paperwork forces you to struggle with long, complicated forms that just no one seems to understand.
  • Extra Ticket, Extraordinary Trailer

    Extra Ticket, Extraordinary Trailer

    In cooperation with international cinema networks, Orange offers Orange Wednesdays. All the customers of Orange can get two cinema tickets for the price of one on any Wednesday.
  • How A Healthy Human Lives

    How A Healthy Human Lives

  • Drunken Statuses

    Drunken Statuses

  • Hate Stop

    Hate Stop

  • Share It For Real

    Share It For Real

  • The rap reunion

    The rap reunion

    EB brought people together EB - a brand of beer popular in the 90s. The EB trademark has been the property of Grupa Zywiec S.A since 1998. EB was the first Polish beer brand which invested so much in marketing and advertised on television.
  • Bridgestone


    Bridgestone & VMLY&R Poland introduce the FleetPulse service – a solution that does not allow minor defects to become serious problems: it lowers repair costs, lengthens the working time of vehicles on the road and improves the process of vehicle inspection for everyone.
  • Colgate


    As digital agency of record for Colgate-Palmolive, VML has plays a key role in digital strategy, development, and implementation for all sub-brands on a global scale. With support from VML locations worldwide, team members in Kansas City and New York lead business for Tom’s of Maine natural care products, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and more.
  • Providing peace of mind and safety

    Providing peace of mind and safety

    PZU Group is the leader among Polish financial institutions and is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It dominates not only in the insurance market, but is also a major player in the segment of the mutual fund companies. Moreover, the Group continues to expand the range of health care services and is actively strengthening its position on foreign markets.
  • An entertaining freshness

    An entertaining freshness

    From the signature rattle and flip top opening to feeling the small, oval pellets on your tongue, enjoying a Tic Tac is a uniquely sensual experience. Unlike any other product, Tic Tac transforms from a mint to a playful toy in your mouth. Only Tic Tac lets you customize your experience; swirl one or many pellets around in your mouth, chew them, rattle them against your teeth or simply let them melt. With Tic Tac, the experience is uniquely yours.