Adidas makes running personal

  • Adidas campaign poster


Running seems to be all about grind: training regimes, constant improvement, strict diets, and counting every single metric imaginable: distance, time, pace, calories burned, time spent in certain heart rate zones, and whatsoever.So, what if you don’t fancy the grind and couldn’t care less about beating personal bests?

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In its latest campaign “What counts in running is you”, adidas encourages reinventing running around one’s personality. Are you a doggo-jogger? An insta-sprinter? A zen-runner? Make your own running personal, as adidas embraces all styles and motivations. After all, being yourself is all that counts. VMLY&R’s newest adidas campaign includes display and social media campaigns, YouTube branded content by popular influencers, murals by illustrator Adela Madej and a series of running events.

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