Club Originals. The never-ending festival of creativity

  • Four club goers in a party van


Four popular young-generation creators have been given a task by adidas Originals: remix the past to create the future.

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A two-month campaign culminated in an event that the city had never seen before. adidas Club Originals was an extraordinary gathering where special zones were created for each Original: ART, MUSIC, MOVEMENT, and STYLE. Everyone had the opportunity to leave with a personalized t-shirt or even... skin, as we also set up an on-site tattoo studio. Niebo club underwent a complete transformation and, for one day, became a portal to the world of adidas. All of this was done under the quality mark of the DRE$$CODE collective. Welcome to Club Originals!

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  • Number of SM publications: 110
  • Total engaged reach/impressions: 11,2 M
  • Number of media publications: 21 (Paid & Non-paid)
  • Total engaged reach/impressions: 4,24 M
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