Discover unexplored space with IKEA

The new IKEA campaign proves that even in the smallest kitchen, you can discover unexplored space and find more room with clever, easy-to-install solutions.

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How many times have we tried to rearrange the kitchen to make more space? We moved items from drawers to shelves and stuffed rarely used items in upper cabinets or above the fridge. Meanwhile, by exploring the kitchen space, we can discover entirely new places and utilize them with simple, durable, and easy-to-apply IKEA products.

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The campaign features an astronaut as its protagonist because that's how anyone who discovers new spaces in their kitchen with the help of clever IKEA solutions can feel - like an explorer venturing into uncharted extraterrestrial territories. The scene takes place in space: the astronaut floats in zero gravity while IKEA products float alongside her as if suspended in vacuum. In the background, the epic music of Richard Strauss from the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" plays. When the astronaut reaches for an object, it turns out she is actually in her own kitchen, where she discovers new places.

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