Drunken Statuses

The aim of the campaign was to educate as many Poles as possible on what hypoglycemia is and what its symptoms are, and on what to do when it occurs in patients suffering from diabetes (3,000,000 people in Poland).

The symptoms of hypoglycemia are often confused with the state of alcoholic intoxication

In the campaign, we decided to involve diabetics dealing with hypoglycemia on a daily basis in order to make others aware of what hypoglycemia is characterised by and how to react to its symptoms. A proper reaction may save a diabetic's life.

  • Drunken Statuses

Build awareness of hypoglycemia – low blood sugar level that is often confused with alcohol intoxication – due to similar symptoms.


We asked a few hundred diabetics to post strange statuses on their Facebook walls at the very same day and at the same time. These statuses looked as if they were written under the influence of alcohol. After a few hours, all of them explained their state: not everyone who looks or sounds drunk is in fact drunk. Visit www.stophipo.pl and learn about the symptoms of hypoglycemia.


The reach of the social content published as part of the campaign: 600,000 people. Media budget: PLN 0.