First Aid for Humanity

The first aid course that teaches every life is worth saving.

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Unconscious bias is often a life-or-death matter. In partnership with BNP Paribas Bank, we created “First Aid for Humanity" — to underscore the fact that all human lives are valuable and worth saving.   

Using advanced techniques from the world of cinematography, we designed unique, customized, and hyper-realistic mannequins. Each mannequin resembled a real person — a real person who often faces bias and discrimination in Polish society. People like Khedi, a Muslim refugee; Leon, a genderqueer activist; and Grzegorz, a man challenged by homelessness.   

We then put those mannequins to work in an extensive and impactful social experiment, disguised as a typical first aid class. 

Two dozen people came together to learn life-saving skills. But the unusual mannequins resulted in anxiety, curiosity, and even fear. In the end, participants had to see past differences and confront their biases to learn to save a life.   

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After the course, participants met the people who inspired the mannequins — and heard their stories — ultimately starting to close the empathy gap.   
“First Aid for Humanity” speaks about tolerance in a completely new way. We made a statement that life is of the greatest value, in addition to giving people tips on how to overcome bias and fear.  
"First Aid for Humanity” is the beginning of a bigger educational program. Video from the experiment, followed by a dedicated first aid training video, starring the people behind the mannequins (Khedi, Leon, and Grzegorz) became the official Red Cross materials used to teach first aid in schools and Red Cross centers across Poland. 

It is the only first aid program in the world that teaches tolerance at the same time as first aid. 

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