How A Healthy Human Lives

The Polish Ministry of Health wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially within the Polish community. Noticing that the life expectancy of Poles was lesser than other surrounding countries, it was time to take a stand for the well-being of people and the country in which they live.

Keeping your organs and healthy judgment aligned

Health risk factors connected with lifestyle, such as smoking cigarettes, improper diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, obesity and little to no physical activity accounted for about 55% of deaths and nearly 40% of years of healthy life lost in Poland (according to WHO’s estimates of 2002). The mortality rate and average life expectancy of the Poles remain at a lower level than the EU average.

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  • How A Healthy Human Lives

Polish Ministry of Health wanted Poles to take better care of themselves, provoke a social debate on preventive health care and raise awareness of the need for changes in this sphere. The campaign is supposed to encourage and motivate change, not frighten people.

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We delivered this message in a form of a catchy song. Five internal organs took turns complaining about their owners’ bad health-habits, bringing their attention to the subject of healthy living. Poles loved it and now’s your turn – are you doing your best to keep your organs happy?

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The video went viral within a week. It was shared more than 5,500 times and viewed 1 million times – not including portals that shared themselves. At the same time, nearly every TV station talked about the campaign, and in some cases (e.g., TVN 24, TVP Info), the video was presented twice at the viewers’ request. The clip was featured in key radio stations and related publications appeared in more than 50 titles, including numerous front pages. 

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