We have opened the doors to much more immersive communication and blurred the line between advertising and entertainment.


Danio – a nutritious cheese from Danone is an iconic brand in the category of dairy products in Poland. Its main brand asset is the Small Hunger – the oldest existing brand character on the market, whose role for several decades was to surprise and entertain the generations.

However, despite the high awareness, the brand has been losing its relevance recently, especially for the younger generation who:

  • doesn’t watch the ads,
  • is very critical about marketing products,
  • connects far better with influencers than brand heroes.

The task was simple – make the product and its brand character relevant to young people.

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  • VMLYR x Danone

To get the target group attention, we decided to implement the brand into one of their key passion points and consumption moments – gaming.

We decided to enter the gaming territory with a brand-new tool that would allow us to distinguish ourselves from all the other advertisers on Twitch and connect with the main benefit of Danio cheese – the nutrition factor.

Because Danio cheese stands for regaining energy, we decided to link the brand with the element in every popular game – the energy bar. And own it.

None of the existing advertising formats allowed us to do so. Therefore, we created our own intelligent ad format. Thanks to AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, we could monitor any game on Twitch and display customized communication whenever someone lacked the energy in the game.

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  • VMLY&R x Danone - board

Within one week of the campaign, we reached over 650 000 gamers. Even the most popular streamers reacted to Small Hunger, teasing them about their energy level.

We generated an Advertising Value Equivalent of 3x media spending.

We managed to stop the negative trend and gained 2,2x more positive mentions about the brand on social media.

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