The Last Ever Issue

We purchased Poland's longest running and most read adult magazine and turned the page by making its last issue the beginning of a new conversation around sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights, sexism, and more.

Transforming the narrative for women everywhere

For 27 years, Your Weekend – one of Poland's longest running and most widely-read adult magazines – reduced women to sex objects. In December 2018, when it was up for sale, we bought it immediately, then published its last edition to transform the narrative for women everywhere.

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We used this purchase as an opportunity to challenge the culture of sexism and gender inequality that the magazine had contributed to building. 

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We transformed Your Weekend into a conversation-sparking, groundbreaking magazine that promoted diverse and progressive narratives of femininity. Published on International Women's Day, VMLY&R kept its regular sections and columns, but reimagined the content focusing on sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights, sexism, and more. It was a symbolic end of an era and a spectacular start to a much-needed national conversation.

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Organic reach of 4,5M and 25M impressions (in a country with 38M people). Nationwide offline and online sales made it the bestselling issue of Your Weekend in 10 years. The profits were donated to an NGO that provides equality education.

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