Providing peace of mind and safety

PZU Group is the leader among Polish financial institutions and is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It dominates not only in the insurance market, but is also a major player in the segment of the mutual fund companies. Moreover, the Group continues to expand the range of health care services and is actively strengthening its position on foreign markets.

Driving with your heart means safer commuting

Poland is one of the most dangerous places when it comes to road safety. Many brands have tried to change that for years to no avail. As one of the largest insurance institutions in East-Central Europe, PZU has been taking action aimed at improving road safety for years. This area of social activity is particularly close to the company. Becoming involved in initiatives that help decrease the number of accidents is an objective that is just as important to PZU as its business goals.

  • Providing peace of mind and safety
  • Providing peace of mind and safety
  • Providing peace of mind and safety

Every fifth traffic fatality in the European Union occurs on Polish roads. A statistic that is much too high — PZU Insurance wanted to change it.


We produced a simple heart that drivers could hang from their rearview mirrors. Some came with messages and others were left blank for personal messages. The heart served as a reminder to drivers to make it home safely to the ones they love.


Our hearts flooded Poland. More than 1.4 million drivers said they received a heart, with 60% saying it made them drive safer. The hearts encouraged 78% of passengers to talk to drivers they were close to about their driving behaviors.