Share It For Real

Every day hundreds of thousands of Poles share photos of food on Instagram, while there are 160,000 malnourished kids dreaming about any kind of meal

Throughout the campaign, we monitored Instagram in search of photos tagged #foodporn, #food, etc. Every day, we recreated these photos as kids’ drawings in real time – to underline that there are kids in Poland who can only dream of such food. For each drawing of food, we would tag the original photo’s author and create a dedicated message with words of encouragement and invitation to join Danone’s programme. To create buzz, we focused on the most influential Poles on Instagram: celebrities, bloggers, TV personalities.

  • Share It For Real

You have already shared it online. Now share it for real.


Inform about the Share Your Meal Food Collection organized by Danone and Food Banks and raise the amount of food collected.


Our non-standard campaign resulted in more than 107,000 interactions with users, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and 1,116,235 meals donated.