Joining forces to fight food waste

  • TGTG x SH

In August 2021, a new Danio was launched on the market. The protein-richproduct repositioned the snack as part of a dailynutritious diet. This made Small Hunger, Danio’s well-known nationwide hero, no longer relevant to brand narrative building and forced us to give up the iconic brand hero after 17 years.

The objective was to use Small Hunger's resignation to bring attention to Danio at the key moment of launching a new communication platform.

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We decided to strengthen the positive image of Danone's long-term mission: "to bring health to as many people as possible". 

Small Hunger has been intensively looking for new challenges via LinkedIn. Making quite a stir on the Internet, the character even held a press conference to outline his future. 

The outcome was an unusual collaboration between Small Hunger and Too Good to Go, an app connecting customers to restaurants and stores with unsoldsurplus food. We transferred the iconic brand hero to their organization, where Small Hunger starts fighting food waste.

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  • The social buzz about Danio and Small Hunger: +11.000%
  • Media coverage: +115 publications in media
  • Media reach: +15 millions
  • AVE: 10x higher than the advertising expediture 
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