Celebra tu Barra

  • Bar owner opening his business
The Coors Light strategy is defined as “Celebrate the Climb” – focusing on individual’s achievements in facing life’s challenges, usually illustrated through the committed spirit of the consumer and compared this it to the brand’s commitment to quality.

We made successful pub owners the heroes of our summer campaign by letting them speak about the effort involved in running this type of business… and the joy in celebrating together with their customers.

The concept was launched with a TV spot, but it was in the digital world that the idea took its full shape. By enriching the stories with additional details, the brand added elements of human interest and kept the conversation going with the trade and the customers.

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  • Bar owner serving Coors Light beer.
  • Bar owner cleaning beer glass behind bar counter.

This campaign put a local face to the global campaign, adding relevance, empathy and creating a major source of engagement in the web.

Since CELEBRA TU BARRA was pictured to strengthen brand significance – COORS LIGHT believes the digital medium pushed towards building more iconic loyalties among the new target audiences and off-premise venues.

Rather than a blatant promo ad, COORS LIGHT provided a connection with local venues that was relevant and actually sought by the target.

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  • Bar owner standing behind counter.
  • Bar owner cleaning beer glass behind bar counter.