Souvenirs From Culebra

  • Aerial view of a beach in Puerto Rico's Culebra Island
The Island of Culebra, located to the east of Puerto Rico, is home to three of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This small island is only 7 miles long, but attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year, generating more trash than the island can handle. Sadly, the landfill is full to capacity.

The key insight is knowing that everyone who has ever been to Culebra, inevitably has fallen in love with its beauty. In what way to tap on that feeling, and reach these people, wherever they might be, and recruit them into the clean-up effort?

To solve the problem, we created an online souvenir shop where you can symbolically “buy” the garbage abandoned on the island; in other words, you would be paying for the removal of the junk. Note that tour contribution will be used to revamp Culebra’s obsolete recycling program, and move trash and toxic material out of Culebra’s overflowing landfill.

With every “souvenir” from Culebra, you help preserve the memory of our beautiful paradise.

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